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A General Contractor in Palo Alto, CA, That Designs and Builds Your Entire Project
Our Design-Build Approach Allows You to Sit Back As We Handle Everything from Start to Finish

It’s not uncommon to find many commercial contracting companies that only specialize in either the design or building parts of the construction process. The problem that can arise to you as a client is that you’ll need to communicate and coordinate with multiple companies, pay separately, and encounter potential construction delays. Well, you don’t need to worry about that with GC44, a general contractor in Palo Alto, CA. We employ a design-build approach with most of our projects. Therefore, we have dedicated teams that design your commercial building, including the layout and floor plans, and construct the building based on your specifications. Here’s how this approach can benefit you.

Projects Completed within Deadlines

Considering all of our teams are part of one company, our design team knows exactly what materials are available and how we go about our construction process. As a result, there’s minimal back and forth between internal teams as we’re all on the same page. Thus, we can operate with maximum efficiency to complete your project in the time we commit to.

More Affordable Costs

Thanks to our design-build approach, we see your project to completion from scratch. Therefore, you’ll have to deal with just one commercial contracting company instead of separate ones for your project. In turn, we can provide you with rates that are much lower than you’d have to pay if you hired separate contractors.

Consistency in Quality

Our design team will only provide an estimated quality level that can be achieved by our building team. Therefore, when we promise high quality, we make sure to deliver as promised.

Our Design-Build Process

We have a systematic approach to our design-build process. This way, we operate with maximum efficiency and ensure consistent quality. Here are our four integral stages.

Pre-Construction Assessment & Planning Stage

Our design-build project starts with a personal meeting with you, discussing, reviewing, and evaluating the constructability of your overall commercial project. Our team will analyze your goals, needs, budget, potential challenges, and the overall idea of yours regarding the project. We will also conduct a thorough analysis and assessment of current assemblies, utility systems, documentation, preliminary design plans, project specifications, deadlines, and timelines to maximize the efficiency of your project.

Architectural Design & Performance Stage

In this stage, our design-build team will precede the architectural design and functionality plans. We develop the best possible designs and layouts to balance the competence, modernity, efficiency, and budget for your development. Our team members are highly resourceful in optimizing productivity and cost savings while still attaining the desirable features, functionalities, and style of the venture itself. Project plan drawings, cost estimations, and project schedule are aligned in this stage to further the construction.

Build & Construction Stage

Our entire team of engineers, architects, builders, and innovators collaborate in this process to streamline the construction and designing works. However, we foster a one-way communication with the project owner, which enables us to deliver on-time, seamless, and high-quality results, while managing and kicking out any misperceptions, miscommunications, and collisions along the way smoothly. Our team takes complete responsibility for streamlining one-point communication and establishing strong and honest accountability towards any project.

Post-Construction Assistance

Once the designing and building of your commercial project have been achieved, our design-build team will provide you with an overview of the whole project, including its realization, stages, specifications, applicable operations, functionality, project timeline, documented procedures, maintenance, and care required for the future. If any issues or concerns are found, our team will be addressing and fixing them before the final delivery. Once everything is achieved; we will deliver the keys to you.

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